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  The top ten staffing methods

  • Send recruiters to recreational locations where your intended recruits are likely to be, such as ski resorts, summer gathering spots.

  • Design a "Boot Camp" (with pay) to entice people to develop skills for your organisation's needs.

  • Create a memorable identity at job fairs.

  • Go outside your typical target groups for recruiting. Learn which talents and skills can be easily trained to transfer into your organisation.

  • Think "low tech" to find employees. Direct-mail items, such as coupons, postcards and giveaways to targeted demographics, can be powerful recruitment tools.

  • Don't forget the international labour market.

  • Create 12- to 16-hour availability for recruiting and hiring by staggering HR schedules. Accommodate candidates' needs for before- and after-work interviews.

  • Have senior managers interview candidates.

  • Develop and market strong internship programs to promote your company and also find good talent.

  • Provide an "open house" to showcase your company to the outside world.

  • Promote the values of your company all the time.
    Reprinted from Workforce Online, August 1998.

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