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  A good manager


In my life I read many books on many founders of big companies, it was my past passion before nanotechnology. I read many book on Bill Gates(4) but also on many great builder such as Akio Morita(Sony creation), Steve Jobs (the marvelous adventure of Apple), Andrew Groove (Only paranoid
survive),Paul Getty (Getty),Andrew Carnegie,Onassis,David Packard,Howard Hughes And many others people that I don`t remember and my best idol : Jonathan Postel (creator of the protocols for internet, founder of it too)

I`m not a economist, I don`t administration, I love people and the atmosphere of a Gang. I learn on nanotechnology now.

So, if you are able to respect all these rules, you will be called a "Machine".

What is the best kind of a manager ?

45 rules:

1. Be simple and stay simple with all the money that you will have.
2. Don`t spend money about big house etc.
3. Don't have any baby, or family (Your life will split in 3)
4. Don`t have any good house to stay, don`t love your house, your bed.
5. Love your headquarter, your office.
6. Be open, make opinion and don`t decide because you have all the market actions of your company.
7. Don`t become popular for the society, with the governement.
8. Don`t hate your competitors.
9. Use sex power to make more work (Napoleon is an example for that)
10. Make your home, with your bed in your headquarter or near.
11. Go eat with your employers at the same table.
12. Don`t have any passion than your work.
13. Make many discussions for solve problems.
14. Make conferences for your employers inside your headquarter.
15. Go see others companies what they do, copy it at first for after make better products.
16. Any rules, let the choice be in the front side.
17. Make alliance as much as possible.
18. Don`t construct big headquarter, central architecture.
19. Construct small but several headquarters like a net and create a network for them.
20. Be like a child. Dream like a child. Enjoys your friends.
21. Don`t look about money but about quality of the organisations of your products.
22. Inform people about your product but not about you, not about your company neither.
23. Stay as much as possible anonymous for the outside world.
24. Sacrify your mind for the humanity like Jesus did it.
25. Try to become a machine of work.
26. Don`t become rich and popular.
27. Convince people to become the chef ofchestror for create a composition of music, a final product.
28. Convince people that we must be a team but not only a person.
29. Say WE instead I.
30. Receive feedback from your employers.
31. Don`t lose your time to go outside of your headquarter often.
32. Be open with new ideas and inform yourself about new ideas
33. Use your sadness for make discussion and to create a new kind of mind.
34. Use your angry for make big work hard to accomplish.
35. Use the sadness of others to make him optimist.
36. Be a leader sometime.
37. Accept yourself the problems.
38. When someone talk, don`t try to dominate the discussion
39. Don`t feel like a smart, feel like a stupid, be always open to get information even if you know alot about things.
40. When someone call you smart, don`t believe it and feel like a stupid.
41. Don`t lost your head when you get a big investment, a big win, a big special positive thing, a big victory in something.
42. Be very near of your money/spending even if you are very very rich, even if you can buy the thing one billion time. pay the thing in relation with the real value.
43. Close/manage well your dreams when the working needs to be done.
44. Remember your past and try to don`t re-do it.
45. Keep in mind that we learn by errors and don`t discourage you.

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