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  Twelve Recruiting Tips


1. One of the first mistakes everyone makes in Recruiting was trying to find that one "perfect" Recruit, that you overlook the other nine who would also been "good" in this business.

2. Different people have different qualities. We constantly try to look or listen for those qualities which make a good designer. Don't look for someone who is "Miss Perfect". Nobody is perfect, but everyone can develop the qualities they need to succeed. Encourage the fine qualities the person does have.

3. Talk recruiting to everyone, but don't try to recruit everyone. There is a difference. Try to look for women who are outgoing, ambitious, fun-loving, and who have a sense of creativity. Women who are like this are easier to Recruit and they are more likely to stay with it.

4. Never recruit with the idea of "what's in it for me". Always be willing to help people with the great opportunity. After all someone offered it to you.

5. Don't wait for someone to approach you. Nine times out of ten, they won't.

6. Don't think of recruiting only on parties, Recruits are everywhere you go. Just Listen!

7. Listen to their needs and show how our company can fill them. For instance, if someone needs extra income and wants a job, don't tell her about the cruises or other prizes. Chances are she won't believe you simply because she can't relate to it. Respond with the information she needs to know.

8. Anytime you find the qualities we look for in a recruit, tell her about them and how they would benefit her with your company. She may not even be aware of them.

9. Look for an attractive person but don't let looks deceive you. Look for someone who smiles and can get along with people, one who loves the products and believed that your company is best for her.

10. Always let them se this JOB as the business it is, as the career they can develop. Whether they want to work full-time or part-time, it is still a job to be done to the best of their ability. If you see your business as a job, so will they.

11. Take her with you an your job, let her actually see how it all works and show her your profit. If you made it look hard, it is over but if it looks easy, she will want to be a part of it.

12. Listen to the woman who loves everything, can't afford much, is looking for a job, bored, and/or wanting something to do because their children are grown or they want to stay home with their children. Please don't bypass people who have careers now- for these are the people who want to work and make something of their lives.

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