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The DaCare Library is a collection of articles, papers and materials that help executives and recruiters get first-hand intelligence information in related fields.

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HR: Legislation drafted to put ceiling on executive salaries
China's employment situation 'grave': minister
Bank of China to hire 10,000 college grads
Xinjiang vows job offers to fresh graduates
Lenovo to cut 450 international employees
Biz moves
Hire graduates without local hukou
McDonald's to open 175 outlets in China, hiring more than 10,000
New aid measures set for jobless workers
China's urban jobless rate rises, situation 'grim'
Migrant workers try hand at entrepreneurship in hometowns
Job loss in real estate sector on the rise
Overseas Chinese eye motherland for jobs
Most multinationals set up labor unions in China
China aims to create 9m jobs in urban areas in 2009
Hire more now for greater benefits later
Legal job market tightens in China 2009
Zhejiang on recruitment drive
Ministry urges better job guidance for graduates
Govt jobs best bet in 'bad times'
Beijing offers incentive for hiring laid-off workers
Creating jobs for migrant workers top govt agenda
Hard times for migrant workers in Guangdong
Global financial crisis spills over China's labor market
Trends in Hiring and Assessment: Notes from the 2008 HR Technology Show
Equal job opportunities called for rural and urban residents
Global crisis eating up jobs at home
The Secrets of Hiring Great Sales People Finally Revealed
Recruiting in Russia
Companies Not Hiring, Workers Not Looking As Economy Falters
5 Ways to Realize Value From Pre-employment Assessment During a Labor Shortage
10 Great Ways to Make Bad Hiring Decisions
HK job market remains stable
10 pilots told to pay $1.17m to leave airline
China's visa rule to make hiring expats tough
Four Trends Affecting the Future of Recruiting
How Could We Lose 84,000 Jobs When Q2 GDP is up 3.3%?
51job Chinese Recruiter Lowered
Leveraging the Internet for College Recruiting: 6 Easy Tactics
The Mobile Phone: The Most Effective Recruiting Communications Platform
Recruiting and the Art of Candidate Control
Winning the Negotiating Game With Candidates
10 Rules for Dating and Recruiting
Tips for recruiting and retaining 50+ workers
How to recruit top notch sales people
5 Tips for Working With Executive Recruiters
Use References to Get Hiring Managers Hustling
7 Steps to Managing Your Recruiting Portfolio
6 Steps for Hiring the Best Every Time
5 Steps to Recruiting (or Sales) Success
Navy Eyes Recruiting Efficiencies
The 20 Principles of Strategic Recruiting
Evaluating Quality of Hire: Cant Get There From Here
How to Hire for Quality
Gas, Public Transportation, and Employment
Rising Gas Prices Impact Recruiting and Retention
Five Steps to Transforming a Recruiting Function
If Recruiting is Like Sales, Lets Act Like Sales People
Four Trends Affecting the Future of Recruiting
How to Set Expectations with Your Candidates
Why Google or Starbucks?
You Didn't Pick Things Up Quickly Enough
10 Ways to Double Your Monthly Placement Rate
Understanding Why Fast Hiring Is Critical to Recruiting Success
Get Candidates Engaged
Talent Management: The New Buzz
Using Messaging Campaigns to Spur Employee Referrals
A Slower Economy, a More Diligent Candidate
To Catch a Thief
Social Networks, What a Mess!
Your Recruiting Success Depends on How Well You Manage Managers
Corporate Recruiting: Action Steps During a Recession
Candidate Engagement
Are You Really Meant to be a Recruiter?
The Recruiting Tipping Point
The Militarization of Human Resources
Does Your Recruiting Manager Have AAA?
Are You Hiring Future Champions or Future Saboteurs?
Three Ways to Be a Rock Star Recruiter
Jobster Burns Through $45 Million in Three Years
Two Essential Recruiting Skills to Master Today
How to Get Stuff Done in a Crazy World
Why Social Networking and Internet Search are Essential
Effective Approaches for Attracting Competitors' Employees to Your Firm
Secrets Buried in a Salesperson's Resume
Why Do We Love Hiring Shenanigans?
Interviewing High Profile Candidates
Recruiting Ideas that Stand the Test of Time
What Motivating the Passive Sales Candidate
What Does the CEO Think About You?
What Questions Shouldn't I Ask in an Interview?
60-Second Guide to Hiring the Right People
Disney signs CEO Robert Iger to new 5-year contract
Adecco's Jacobs to Step Down as Chairman in 2007, Seek New Chief Executive
Companies Try to Retain
Debating the Resume Benefits Of Belonging to an Honor Society
Jobless claims up sharply last week
Employers Flock to Fargo
Global Work Force Helps Fed on Inflation
Jobless claims up sharply last wee
HaircutsCar Washes for Busy Tech Pros
Joint Employment as a Desired Outcome
It's All About the People
Job Outpouring for Evacuees Sparks Backlash Among Locals
jobcobs to replace Caille
Pharmacist shortage gets worse
VA Program Promotes Employment Among New Vets
800 new jobs expected for finance center
Key to Career Success
No holiday bonus at 60% of companies
Hurricane keeps job market off balance
Not just Katrina: Job weakness spreading
U.S. business productivity surges
Hurricane hangover still hitting jobs
Texas employers continue adding jobs
21st Century Jobs plan takes risk to seek reward
State job market has a golden opportunity
CPI posts biggest gain in 25 years
Lockheed eyes Computer Sciences
U.S. Department of Labor Launches Re-employment....
America's top jobs
Employment Slumps, Manufacturing Slows: U.S. Economy
Wall St Week Ahead-Investors gauge economy.....
Headhunting disgrace has no place