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  Managements reported faith in HR not backed up by reality

  • A discrete straw poll conducted by Human Capital of upper management and HR professionals in Hong Kong has revealed that managements reported faith in HR is not backed up by reality.

    The perception among HR managers is that 26.7% believed HR is under valued in the company. This did not gel with how highly management rated HR in the company, with almost half the managers surveyed saying they rated HR function either highly or very highly when compared with other key areas.
    Only 20% of management HR function with a lower than average rating on the scale of importance.

    According to one respondent in management: "The value is high to very high. The HR function is rather valuable, especially in todays economy. It is very useful for staff training."

    "HR function is quite crucial," was another reply, from the management of a world-renowned watchmaker V but this is clearly not the way HR is seeing it.

    Richard Letcher, manager for Michael Page Hong Kong and HR specialist, believes that there is a break-down occurring but that HR managers could help overcome the problem by promoting their skills more forcefully.
    "HR practitioners should shout a bit louder about what they can do. Some management teams in companies simply dont know what HR can do," says Letcher.

    He adds that the situation can become so bad in Hong Kong that many HR practitioners end up becoming frustrated.

    "It is a concern of a lot of good candidates out there. They often leave the company."

    Letcher adds that management in Hong Kong also has a role in meeting HR halfway in addressing the gulf in perception.

    "HR should add more but sadly in some companies in Hong Kong it is lagging behind.

    "IN Hong Kong in terms of management there is a way to go compared to say Australia, Europe and the US. But not all companies are like that multinationals value HR tremendously," adds Letcher.
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